Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolution.

There are some things we never want to let go, our first love for instance.No matter how much you think someone has changed, they have not,it's not them who have changed ,it is your own mental perception of them ,that has.
Here I want to derive your attention towards the fact that everything is in our minds.
Fear of never finding someone to lean on, and fear of never finding someone better. It's all in your head.People always come in your life to make you learn more about yourself, if it had not been for some people that came and left in my life ,I would not be the person (which I'm totally proud about) I am today.I used to regret , I used to feel as if someone really wonderful has caused me strife , But in fact ,those people made me learn so much and made me believe that I'm so strong from inside.You cannot depend on the fact that someday a perfect Prince Charming will come into your life to make everything pretty around you,No! things do not work this way ,Kudos to the authors of this great illusion of love where a man holds a responsibility towards a woman, but they both are equally responsible rather it is the women who need to get their shit together other than anything and for us females, it is easy. Just love yourself.This new year ,just embrace the fact that you love yourself and you do not need anyone to give you feedback about how wonderful you are. You will always be disappointed by the people if you have expectations ,ego,  etc. These all attributes are created by our mind, In reality their is nothing,think of it as the Big Bang Theory concept where the scientists say that a bang came out of no where, nothing was around or surrounding it,In reality ,there is no ego ,expectations ,it is our own delirious minds that has created all the nonsense that we imply in our lives today,Get rid of this bullshit.Grow above these things.Love your life ,the trees around you, the oxygen you breathe ,love the food you eat , the clothes you wear ,pay attention to details ,embrace everything and change your perception of life a bit. Having a mate, isn't everything ,it is nice but not important.
My New Year Resolution is I'm letting go of the people who have caused me nothing but grief in life and I'm forgiving them with all my heart and I pray for their happiness and serenity ,From now will never hold anything against anyone but will not waste my time ,it was rightly said,
Someone who never forgives or forgets is a fool, someone who forgives and forgets is naive but someone who forgives but never forgets is wise.
Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. great piece of writing. I guess I share the same philosophy as yours :)

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